Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Friends glorious friends!

Friends... some thoughts on friends...

Growing up I had my "bff's" in jr. high I made some really great friends, who actually I have been able to get back in touch with (thanks Facebook!) after many years, about 23 years to be exact. Superfun friends, we had some of the best times!

In my twenties, I had a lot of friends but now that I look back they were more like happy hour buddies. Don't get me wrong, I love these ladies, loved our convo's but we never did anything outside of that environment. We never would really even talk on the phone or anything. Just talk and hang out for hours over drinks. If it wasn't these ladies it was most often with co-workers, acquaintances. For a season (10 years) that was fun.

I have always been a social bug, love to talk to people, meet people, hang out. But for me, I left everything on the "surface", never let people get too close.

It isn't until now though, at 37 years young, that I am realizing the value of having super-close girlfriends. I have been fortunate to meet some ladies in these past couple of years who I have really, truly connected with. What a wonderful thing it is to have them! I can open up to them about anything (I have never opened up to anyone about anything ever) what a treasure it is to have them there to listen and never judge me. I am completely at home with them and I love it! I suppose I could regret that I never opened myself up to people/friends before but I think that there are seasons for everything. This was my season to open up and let people in... what a joy, what a blessing, what a treasure! I know these friendships will last a lifetime!

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