Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow-much Fun!

I have been following an super-cute blog and have been completely inspired, an old flame has been re-light I used to love to do so many creative things but I pushed all that aside at some point... After seeing what this blogger did with a little food coloring and snow - I knew my boys would love it and they completely did!

My husband bought the spray bottles, he bought 2 each of 2 different kinds (we found that the full action pump sprayer is better than the one finger pump)... the first time out we mixed red and blue to make purple, red and yellow to make orange, then had blue and the last bottle with red.

Oliver found squares that another child must have made with a snow mold, he filled those in with different colors. We also made footprints and then colored them. Samuel couldn't manage to get any color out, he would throw the bottle in the snow. I guess he was hoping that would get the color out. When Oliver was finished I took all the tops off and let Samuel pour it on the snow, he really liked doing that - looked like a slushie!

When Preston came home from school he was thrilled at the idea. He headed just as a fresh layer of fluffy snow fell. Perfect day!

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