Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Inspiration from a friends blog - 101 in 1001

After reading a few different blogs over the years I was finally ready to start one. I have a friend who has a really great blog that I love to read. One of her posts from about 1000 days ago she started a goal list titled 101 in 1001. I googled 101 in 1001 and found this site, I signed up and started my list... so far I only 14 things but I will be adding to it daily. I look forward to this journey of goals and tracking... something I have never really done outside of my daily/weekly to do lists. I look forward to tracking things I have always wanted to do but never acted upon further than a thought or two on the matter. One thing about the site I found, it has a link for inspiration - ideas from other users. So here I go - I look forward to this being a step toward achieving more, stepping outside of my routine, this will be fun!

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