Monday, June 28, 2010

Moving and MOVED

Hey y'all my new blog site is:
and I will be updating it as soon as we are physically moved into our new place!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An Ode to my Creator

Dear God,
You are the creator of heaven and earth, yet you know me by name, you know the number of hairs on my head, you know my comings and goings. You are sovereign, loving, forgiving, just, mighty, a rock, my fortress. All I want to do is think about you always, I want to live my life as a beautiful offering to you Lord. Why do I stray, why oh why? Why do I do the things I don't want to do? I am so grateful that you hold no records my my wrongs, because you have offered complete forgiveness thru your Son, Jeshua - my savior.

God, thank you for:
My Family - one I never could have dreamed of...
Mountains, flowers, water, the sun, the clouds
Animals - Dogs, cats, bunnies, cows, horses, all of them!
The church, where I may worship you freely
Fellowship and Community

Thank you for air, lungs, LIFE, thank you for loving me!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Oldest is Graduating...

from Kindergarten... :O(

How do I stop time for just awhile? How do I get my boys to stay so sweet and innocent? How do I get them to want to cuddle with me past the age of what age they make you stop. How do I get them to always think that Mommy is the bestest thing ever?

I love my boys and I love seeing them grow and learn but I really want them to stay the same. We always thought it would be awesome to keep a "copy" of your kids at certain ages. For example we would have Preston, aging and growing but we would also have a 2 year old Preston. Wouldn't that be cool, cute? Weird? Yeah I know. But I just want to savor every minute. I get all caught up with life and then I blink and my boys are 6 months older. 6 months is huge too when they are this young. A lot changes in 6 months.

So for now, I will go along with the way God has it playing out - just need to journal and take lots of pictures. So many things are forgotten, I hate that!

So wish me luck tomorrow morning that I don't cry to hard and embarrass my sweetie - WAIT THOUGH - he doesn't get embarrassed by me yet... see what I mean?

Monday, May 10, 2010

tis the season for STRAWBERRIES!

Yum, yum, and yum. Oh yeah, my kids also say yum, yum, yum and YUM. They love em even more than me! Our grocery store has had mad deals on strawberries, sometimes only $1/pack. Currently $2, can't beat it. They were just 4.99/pack a couple of months ago. These are bright red, shiny, juicy and sweet - so good! We had strawberry shortcake last night and this chocolate lover says it may be the best dessert ever! The pie shop down the street posted a sign that says they are making fresh, strawberry pie, that sounds amazing. I have never had one, look out Granny Scott's Pie Shop, here I come!

Go get some! Hurry!

Monday, May 3, 2010

I Finally Learned How to Put on MakeUp - I am 37 BTW!!

Thanks to Carissa the Makeup expert, I now, at 37 know how to put on makeup! I am so excited about this. Truth is, I never really learned how to properly put on makeup- just started playing around with it in Jr. High, taking my cues from friends and Madonna, lol.

Last week, on Colorado Parent Magazine's Facebook page there was a post that piqued my interest. It was to recruit 5 local moms, in different stages of motherhood. They wanted the Mom's to attend a Make-Up Swap and Session with Carissa of Carissa Beauty, a Make Up Artist. Carissa is also the Walmart beauty expert. She has done makeup for Trista Suttons appearance in Womens World Mag. and others around Denver. Carissa was awesome!

I arrived at a really cool, modern studio where Elitches used to be. It is called StudioWed and brides to be can come for one-stop shopping for vendors of all things bridal... It is so cute, welcoming and just nice on the eyes!

I was a bit nervous walking in, but that quickly went away. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. We sat a round table with mirrors at each seat. Carissa had one Mom go up and be the model. The rest watched and then followed along with our own make-up. What I really loved is that she had us use our own make-up. This was huge, because I thought that I had bought a bunch of junk - turns out I was wrong! I had thought that I would probably need to go buy new make-up after the session. I was so wrong! I used my own make-up and it actually looked good! Yeah Carissa!! Truly a feat I did not think was possible.

After we learned all about make-up and how to apply, Carissa took us to the swap table. WOW! What a great idea. She hosts Make-Up Swap parties, you bring any unused products and trade for other great products that others have brought. I made out with Oil of Olay Revitalize Firming Cream, an eyeshadow brush and some fancy lipgloss!


Thanks to Colorado Parent Magazine and Carissa Beauty from the blog !

Pictures to follow shortly!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Did It!

So you may not know that I am a computer tech by trade, have been in the I.T. biz for over 13 years now. Whew! Over the past few years my husband and I dove into html, flash and some other web tools. We started updating sites for companies after we got good and now, I created a client website, all on my own! From scratch! Ok well almost scratch. I started with a basic template and went on from there. It was super time-intensive, but it was fun! Now I have 3 more in the making. Check out my first official solo project:

Feedback, please!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Have You Noticed? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I posted a link to our YouTube account, here on the top right side of my blog. The one i embedded in this post is the first one we have ever made. We get the most views, ratings and comments on it, so I chose to post it. If you ever have a moment, check them all, just click on the thumbnail to the right. Hope you enjoy - we love making them. We are definitely due for another!