Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Oldest is Graduating...

from Kindergarten... :O(

How do I stop time for just awhile? How do I get my boys to stay so sweet and innocent? How do I get them to want to cuddle with me past the age of what age they make you stop. How do I get them to always think that Mommy is the bestest thing ever?

I love my boys and I love seeing them grow and learn but I really want them to stay the same. We always thought it would be awesome to keep a "copy" of your kids at certain ages. For example we would have Preston, aging and growing but we would also have a 2 year old Preston. Wouldn't that be cool, cute? Weird? Yeah I know. But I just want to savor every minute. I get all caught up with life and then I blink and my boys are 6 months older. 6 months is huge too when they are this young. A lot changes in 6 months.

So for now, I will go along with the way God has it playing out - just need to journal and take lots of pictures. So many things are forgotten, I hate that!

So wish me luck tomorrow morning that I don't cry to hard and embarrass my sweetie - WAIT THOUGH - he doesn't get embarrassed by me yet... see what I mean?

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