Monday, May 3, 2010

I Finally Learned How to Put on MakeUp - I am 37 BTW!!

Thanks to Carissa the Makeup expert, I now, at 37 know how to put on makeup! I am so excited about this. Truth is, I never really learned how to properly put on makeup- just started playing around with it in Jr. High, taking my cues from friends and Madonna, lol.

Last week, on Colorado Parent Magazine's Facebook page there was a post that piqued my interest. It was to recruit 5 local moms, in different stages of motherhood. They wanted the Mom's to attend a Make-Up Swap and Session with Carissa of Carissa Beauty, a Make Up Artist. Carissa is also the Walmart beauty expert. She has done makeup for Trista Suttons appearance in Womens World Mag. and others around Denver. Carissa was awesome!

I arrived at a really cool, modern studio where Elitches used to be. It is called StudioWed and brides to be can come for one-stop shopping for vendors of all things bridal... It is so cute, welcoming and just nice on the eyes!

I was a bit nervous walking in, but that quickly went away. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. We sat a round table with mirrors at each seat. Carissa had one Mom go up and be the model. The rest watched and then followed along with our own make-up. What I really loved is that she had us use our own make-up. This was huge, because I thought that I had bought a bunch of junk - turns out I was wrong! I had thought that I would probably need to go buy new make-up after the session. I was so wrong! I used my own make-up and it actually looked good! Yeah Carissa!! Truly a feat I did not think was possible.

After we learned all about make-up and how to apply, Carissa took us to the swap table. WOW! What a great idea. She hosts Make-Up Swap parties, you bring any unused products and trade for other great products that others have brought. I made out with Oil of Olay Revitalize Firming Cream, an eyeshadow brush and some fancy lipgloss!


Thanks to Colorado Parent Magazine and Carissa Beauty from the blog !

Pictures to follow shortly!

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