Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Letting loose with glitter...this should be interesting!

I have always, always loved glitter! Don't think I am one of those girlie types either, pretty much a tom-boy. However, I have always thought glitter was so pretty. So sparkly and shiny. In the past, whenever I would craft with the boys I pretty much played dictator over the glue and glitter, not wanting any uncontrollable mess. Well let's just say since I have been "blog walking" I have been super-inspired but several different blogger moms/bakers/photographers. This blog post sparked an interest in me to see glitter all over everything and not freak out about it. I knew my boys would be more than happy to let loose with those 3 big, tempting shakers full of glitter. We gave everyone their own glue, construction paper, and glitter... SUPER FUN! And yes, there is still glitter on my floor and specks keep showing up in the weirdest places - but, like the other blog said- what a great reminder of letting loose, getting dirty and having fun.

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