Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tired = Grouchy

Is this the case for you too? I don't mean to be an ogre when I am suffering from lack of sleep, but everything irritates me. I am even totally conscious of the grouchiness but I still can't snap myself out of it. YUCK!

Ok, so nobody with kids ever told me that you basically go through life exhausted. I never knew all my acquaintances with children were living these "secret night lives". At night, in our house, there is always 1 kid waking up for whatever reason. Once we get that child back to sleep, we doze off just in time for the next child to wake us. Boom we are snapped out of that nice, syrupy, drowsy sleep, only to have to go and take care of whatever is they need (water, bathroom, Me). Then we doze off again, what will it be next? Another child? Alarm clock? Loud neighbors?

I am just so tired! I will probably read this post later and remember that I was in a seriously grouchy fog. Enough rambling. I am alone for the next 30 minutes, night night (yes it is 8:41AM) !

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  1. Not just you. This is true for me (and likely a large portion of the world). For me, tired = cranky, hungry = cranky.