Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Remember, Sometimes I love to Remember

Not really one for nostalgia, I have to say that sometimes it is fun to have your memory tickled.

Sometimes it's a smell, for me fresh cut grass takes me back to my endless summer days when my Mom would have to literally yell for us from the porch as the sun went and street lights went on. Pinto beans cooking, with chili brewing - it never fails I am instantly taken back to my Grandma's house. The funny thing about that is - it actually reminds me of her sidewalk and porch - because you could smell this delicious aroma as soon as you entered her yard, it never failed to lure me in, quick like. Even recalling that memory - I remember her front door was a little hard to open and would always make a very distinct sound, I can almost hear it now. Also, more times than not you would walk into my Grandma's and hear the pressure cooker cooking away. Miss those sounds.

Sometimes it is a song, a movie, pretty much anything. I have some things I have recently remembered from my youth, thought I would type em up and enjoy the memories.

I remember going to the mall, the mall was everything, had everything, it was the place to be in the 80's. I remember going to the T-Shirt shop (remember those?). I picked out a baseball jersey shirt (the kind that are white in the middle and the sleeves are another color) now came the exciting part, which transfer to choose... I remember standing there looking at a display containing at least 100 iron-on transfers. Some had funny sayings, some had sweet ones, some with cute little animals, some with rainbows, some with sparkles. I used to love to watch the Tshirt "master" carefully place the tshirt down, the transfer, then push that super hot lid down and steam it to complete the transfer. I still remember the smell of a hot tshirt and the feel of it. Weird I know!

The mall also had an arcade which was a gathering spot for me and my family usually before and after a movie. Remember classic video games? Remember life before tokens? Remember when anytime somebody was playing a game you wanted to play- protocol was that you put a quarter down and rest it on the bottom of the screen, as if to say "I'm next", lol! Tons of fun memories at the mall.

Ironically enough, now I hate going to the mall!

Thanks for taking this short trip with me!

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