Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Love You Five Hundred!

Something my two oldest boys have been saying lately makes me bust a huge smile every time! They think that attaching a huge number to things they say really demonstrates how strongly they feel. So when it comes time to saying goodnight, they have been saying:

Preston the 6yr old: "I love you sixty billion, five hundred, eight-five" (any large random string of numbers) OR "I love you higher than any number God can count"

Oliver simply says: "I love you five hundred"

I love it, love it! Makes me feel happy and loved.

I remember when I was young when I tried to show my Mom how much I loved her I would open my arms up as wide as they would stretch and tell her that's how much I love her. Still do... but don't express it so much anymore. Next time I see her, I will prepare my arms to open up wide, wonder if she remembers.

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